Belkin Apple Watch Screen Protector

Belkin Apple Watch Screen Protector.With my original steel Apple Watch I learned a lesson within a few months: be careful with the screen. One day I realized I had a scratch on the screen , tiny, but visible enough to drive me crazy. He had never scratched the screen of an iPhone and there was a scratch on the watch. What anger.

Fortunately, since then a multitude of solutions have emerged to this risk that all wearables of this type run. It’s all about Apple Watch screen protectors , like this one from Belkin that we’ve been testing for the past few weeks. Our experience has been very satisfactory, although we are getting ahead of ourselves.

What the Belkin Apple Watch Screen Protector Offers

Under the real name Screenforce TrueClear Curve, Belkin markets this screen protector that I have used for almost a month on the red Apple Watch Series 6 . It is quite thin and has a black frame that curves and hugs the screen to protect it completely. As on other occasions (specifically, its tempered glass for iPad Pro ), Belkin accompanies its protector with a system that helps you place it in the most perfect way possible.

These types of accessories have always made me nervous. Making the protector fit the panel is a difficult task, as bubbles are inevitable. The brand has achieved that, thanks to its placement system , you make it perfect and without spending too much time or effort. And that is something that is appreciated, because it will mark the whole experience from then on.

For the first few days, there were a handful of lingering bubbles between the Apple Watch screen and the Belkin protector. The company assures that as the days go by, the trapped adhesive evaporates and disappears without a trace , as it actually did. After this, you forget that you have a bodyguard on the clock screen.

An invisible bodyguard for your watch

I put this protector on when I had been using the Apple Watch Series 6 for a couple of weeks. In fact, in all the photos in that review (and this one), the watch appears with it on . No commentator seemed to notice and, in fact, I myself have come to forget that I wear it on a day-to-day basis.If you want to keep your Apple Watch pristine for as long as possible, Belkin has a perfect solution to protect it that is easy to put on

There is no significant difference between this protector and the real screen. In the sense that there is no extra grip or texture to make you miss the original. The rounded edge is largely responsible for this, as it wraps the screen almost to the edge that meets the metal. We will not see or notice any “little steps” when interacting with the clock.

This Belkin protector has already saved me from a couple of gentle bumps. Tense moments in which you check if something has happened to the screen and after a few seconds of inspection, you remember the protector. You breathe relieved.

Belkin’s Apple Watch screen protector costs 24.65 euros , a figure that far exceeds an equivalent for iPhone. But here, we must bear in mind that the brand offers an infallible system for its placement and that the Apple Watch is much more prone to accidents that can scratch it . A door, a wall. When you get out of the car. Or simply bring it to a POS to pay with Apple Pay. Precisely the situations in which it will save you from an upset

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