Xiaomi devices are very useful, with cheap price

Xiaomi devices are very useful, curious and cheap.If you like Xiaomi devices, you will know that this brand has hundreds of them for sale, although not all of them can be bought in Spain or from Spain, something that fortunately is changing little by little.

There are many curiosities that Xiaomi sells in different sectors, especially in China , its country of origin. They have practically everything there, from mobiles to kitchen knives, although in many cases their own launches are often confused with those of the brands in their ecosystem, which actually operate independently.

However, it is easy to gather several new Xiaomi products that have been put on sale in recent months , these yes by the Asian brand itself. There are several that are especially useful and curious, of course.


They all have in common the price, lower than that of the main alternatives of other brands, so we wanted to select several of the ones that we found most interesting.

Many of them are officially for sale in our country, although they are relatively unknown.

Here are all the ones that deserve and much worth it, starting from really low prices.

My Robot Vacuum G1

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum G1

The robot vacuum sector is one of the fastest growing, although for some reason Xiaomi did not seem to have much interest in it, until now.

There has always been a model of his for sale, although above 200 euros, so the firm has wanted to solve it by putting on sale another that is much cheaper, the Mi Robot Vacuum G1 that you can buy on Amazon .

My Robot Vacuum G1

Its price is much more competitive than usual, since it is a robot vacuum cleaner with 2200Pa of suction power, which is quite a lot.

In addition, it not only vacuums but also scrubs, something to take into account when buying a robot vacuum cleaner , since it saves you much more work.

Mi Band 4C

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C

Everyone knows that Xiaomi has some of the best smart bracelets on the market in absolute terms, starting with the new Mi Band 5 , its top of the range in this sector.

However, in a much less striking way they have put on sale a really cheap smartband, the Mi Band 4C that you can buy for less than 20 euros in Spain.

Mi Band 4C

Obviously, its features are much more restrained, with a TFT screen instead of AMOLED, for example, although it has a battery life of practically a month , a heart rate sensor or a sleep quality sensor.

Here you can read a review of the main features of the Mi Band 4C .

It is one of the most surprising and useful Xiaomi products in 2020, as it offers an inexpensive outlet for those who just want a quantifying bracelet that meets on a day-to-day basis.

Night light with motion sensor

Xiaomi Night Light 2

This model is the second that Xiaomi puts on sale in the same line. It is a light that activates when you pass by, so it is perfect as an emergency night light, and for less than 10 euros .

In addition, it has a rotating magnetic base, so you can separate the light itself from the base and use it as a flashlight, as well as orient it to illuminate the area that you prefer.

Night light 2

It is one of the cheapest Xiaomi products you can buy in Spain, in addition to being really useful, which is what it is about.

It is surprising because it is also quite unknown, and it is that few people would think that the Asian firm is putting night lights on sale, although we have already mentioned the ability to surprise everyone of this manufacturer.

My TV Stick

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick
Xiaomi / Getty Images

Surely you already know Google’s Chromecasts or Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks, two very successful devices that serve to send multimedia content to a television or monitor, with a much better and more versatile interface than most Smart TVs.

As it is a growing segment with high demand, Xiaomi has not wanted to be less and has put its Mi TV Stick on sale in Spain, which costs a little more than 30 euros and offers Android TV.

My TV Stick

That means that there are practically all the apps you can find on Google Play , including Kodi or Plex, one of its main attractions for many users.

It also comes with a remote control included, a remote that has a Google virtual assistant so you can control your TV without having to lift a finger.

My Electric Scooter Essential

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

It goes without saying that if there is an omnipresent electric scooter in all cities, it is Xiaomi , although it already has many different varieties, such as the Pro Model that has been on sale for more than a year or the Essential that has just arrived. .

In this case, it is a somewhat cheaper version, with less power and autonomy, but perfect if you don’t travel long distances and don’t want to spend too much. Its price is for now 299 euros .

It is a highly demanded alternative that serves not only to lower prices, but also to reduce demand for the standard model, something that caused the brand to run out of available units on many occasions.

Of course, shipping is from Spain and it is free, one of the advantages that the brand has officially presented it in our country.

My Watch Color

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color
Xiaomi China

This specific product is for sale in Spain, although not officially. This means that you can use it and link it to the Xiaomi Wear application and use it normally, although not in Spanish but in English.

For the less than 100 euros it costs , it is a very good smartwatch, and from Xiaomi. Until now this sector had been approached through a collaboration with Amazfit.

My Watch Color

Its design is quite attractive and is available in several different colors, hence its name.

As it has GPS, it is a good sports watch too, although it obviously cannot measure up to what we consider to be high-level sports watches .

Router with WiFi 6

Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800

We now turn to a very useful Xiaomi product, probably one of the most useful that this brand sells, although you can only buy it on AliExpress at the moment.

It is the router with WiFi 6 and it has a price of approximately 40 euros, quite adjusted if we take into account that this new standard is currently in full swing, so buying it you will have a router for many years from now.

Honor Router 3

The WiFi 6 , also known as WiFi ax, will serve not only to accelerate the download and upload speed, but above all to stabilize the signal in areas highly saturated with networks and connected devices.

It is just what a Smart Home needs, although it must be said that there are other routers with WiFi 6 that are also very worthwhile.

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